Your Essential Guide to Customizing Jewelry

There’s a vast array of designs and models when it comes to jewelry, but sometimes finding exactly what you are looking for might not be so easy. If you think your perfect piece of jewelry does not yet exist, that's where the process of customizing jewelry comes in!

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This guide will tell you how Shreve & Co. can do it for you, so you can get the piece of your dreams in no time.

 Why is customized jewelry such a great gift?

It's safe to say that custom jewelry is absolutely the perfect gift. There are so many reasons for that; for one, when a piece of jewelry is tailored exactly to fit one's taste and style, there's no way you can go wrong with it. Being able to design something that you, as a customer, can imagine, while aligning your expectations with our expertise, ensures you get the perfect result — as well as a flawless gift.

So, whether you're looking for customized jewelry for yourself or for someone who matters a lot to you, like a significant other or a family member, let's see how the customizing process works. Read on to find out exactly what goes on in front of you (as well as behind the scenes) of this exciting and creative crafting process.

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Shreve & Co. takes great pride in having the expertise it takes to deliver our customers high quality customized pieces that are guaranteed to make unique, special gifts. We take custom design so seriously because we know that custom design is the perfect way for one to express one’s personality, while at the same time having the assurance that no one else in this world will have the same piece of jewelry as them.

Maybe you’ve inherited a family heirloom that is not quite your style. In this case, we can remodel your piece for you. We offer a wide range of specialty designs and a reinvention portfolio that feature resetting gemstones from rings into pendants, or even reconfiguring estate jewelry into more up-to-date, modern models that are in line with current fashion trends.

Bring your personal inspiration to us

Firstly, get inspired and simply let your creativity flow. Assemble your ideas and wishes and use that as an inspiration. If you could have any jewelry out there, something you have never seen before, what would it be? What would it look like?

Once you do that, bring those ideas to us. Feel free to bring photos or sketches with you, and make sure to express your desires as you communicate it to one of our experts who will be working one-on-one with you throughout the process of bringing life to your wish.

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Talk to us in order to figure out a quote

Based on your initial ideas that determine how you want your piece to look like, Shreve & Co. will offer you a complimentary quote. That quote will include the value of crafting the piece, also taking into account your design concept and the materials the piece will feature. That includes the style it will be, what precious metals it will entail, gemstones, and size.

Our expert team of jewelers will take your inspiration material and ideas (including drawings and pictures) into account to create a design concept uniquely conceived for your future piece.

Give us your approval and let us work the magic for you

Once you’ve approved of your piece’s design, our production team will cast your design in the precious metal of your choice. That can include, for example, pieces featuring gold, silver, and any other metal of your liking, as well as precious gemstones, and even diamonds.

This process makes sure you'll be completely satisfied with your piece and will certainly make you proud, and is guaranteed to provide fond memories to you and your loved one for a lifetime. Our challenge and our commitment is to design unique pieces that express our customer’s wishes.

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Where to get customized jewelry in the Bay Area, CA

Now that you know how simple the custom jewelry process is, let Shreve & Co. craft the perfect piece for you. We've been proudly serving the Bay Area since 1852. You can enjoy a free consultation with our expert jewelers in order to acquire the piece of your dreams.

We are located in the Bay Area, both in San Francisco and Palo Alto, so you can come to the location that is most convenient to you. The San Francisco address is 150 Post Street, and the Palo Alto store is located at 329 Stanford Shopping Center. If you'd like to make an appointment to come in with more time and extra attention, give us a call at your convenience at 415-421-2600 for the San Francisco location and 650-327-2211 for the Palo Alto one.

We'll be waiting for you to get in touch, and we're looking forward to welcoming you into our family of happy and satisfied customers! Also, don't forget to follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook for inspiration.

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