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Pearls are iconic. These beautiful gems are created by oysters, giving pearls the unique title of being the only precious gem created by a marine animal. Their staggering beauty has been mesmerizing us for millennia, so it’s no wonder we’ve been using pearls to make jewelry for centuries.

Responsible for the creation of cultured Japanese pearls, as well as the world’s finest selection of cultured pearl jewelry, Mikimoto is synonymous with unparalleled expertise and its pearls are renowned for their exceptional beauty and quality.  

Three pair of pearl studs
Pearl necklace

About Mikimoto

In 1893, Japanese pearl farmer Mikimoto Kokichi became the first person in the world to successfully cultivate pearls and, soon after, he opened his first pearl jewelry shop.

Over the next century, he worked tirelessly to build the legendary jewelry house dedicated to some of the most intricate and meticulously crafted pearl jewelry in the world. Today, Mikimoto is the world's leading producer of high-quality cultured pearls and is renowned for its exquisite and unique pearl jewelry.

What are Mikimoto pearls?

“Mikimoto” isn’t a specific type of pearl, it’s a brand name. The jewelry house creates stunning pearl jewelry using all pearl types, but specializes in the sublime and lustrous Japanese Akoya pearl.

These gorgeous pearls come from oysters which are native to hidden bays off the coast of Japan, in the cold waters of the North Pacific. They’re known for their incredibly high luster and prized for their perfectly round to near-round shapes. Needless to say, the Akoya pearl is a true classic.

Pearl necklace strands
Black pearl dangle earrings and necklace

Mikimoto jewelry

Mikimoto jewelry has a timeless quality to it, which is achieved through a perfect blend of tradition and innovation. That’s why Mikimoto pearls aren't only stylish, but they’re also perfect for every occasion.

The brand’s centenary tradition of Japanese craftsmanship and jewelry-making excellence results in exquisite jewel pieces admired around the world and across generations. They’re designed to become a part of you, bringing out your unique beauty with every pearls’ radiant shine.

Mikimoto infuses each jewelry piece with artistry that was born in Japan and has been shaped and influenced by different cultures around the world throughout the brand’s extensive history. Here are some of Mikimoto’s most iconic designs to add to your jewelry collection.

Pearl necklace

Mikimoto pearl necklace

If anyone had to describe a strand of pearls with a single word, that word could only be “iconic”. Few designs are as timeless and emblematic as a classic pearl necklace.

Whether you prefer to add a twist to the classic by opting for a black pearl necklace, put a pearly spin on the trendy station necklace, build a stylish stack with a pearl pendant, or stick to the traditional white Akoya pearl strand. You can never go wrong with a Mikimoto necklace.

Mikimoto pearl earrings

The reign of pearl stud earrings is evergreen - and Mikimoto pearl studs are the best of the best. Besides the classic design, the brand also offers innovative options, such as dazzling pearl drop earrings, beautiful styles which blend pearls and blue sapphires, black pearl studs, and the iconic Mikimoto pearl and diamond earrings - just to name a few.

So, don’t think for a second that pearl earrings are all the same. At Mikimoto, innovation is part of the brand’s roots, so you can rest assured your design choices are virtually endless!

Pearl earrings
Black pearl ring

Mikimoto pearl ring

It’s not every day we see someone wearing pearl rings. These accessories are a fun and creative way of wearing pearls, and they show the world you like to think outside the box and follow your own inventive style rules.

Whether you opt for a dazzling pearl and diamond ring, a pearl solitaire, a ring design featuring several small pearls, or any other option, there’s no denying your Mikimoto ring will become one of your favorite jewelry pieces.

Mikimoto pearl bracelet

From timeless white pearl strand bracelets to multi-strands featuring pearls, diamonds, and sapphires, Mikimoto designs are as unique as it gets.

Not only that, but they’re great accessories for every occasion - day or night. You’ll love mixing and matching your pearl bracelet with your favorite watch, your most-worn chain link, or your beloved tennis bracelet. Your styling options are endless!

Black pearl bracelet

Where to buy Mikimoto pearls in the Bay Area?

Shreve & Co. has the honor of carrying the best selection of Mikimoto jewelry in San Francisco and Palo Alto, CA.

Our friendly, expert staff will be pleased to answer all of your questions about Mikimoto and help you find the perfect pearls. Whether you’re looking for a Mikimoto pearl necklace, earrings, bracelet, or ring, you’ll find it at Shreve & Co.

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