An Essential Guide To Captivating Roberto Coin Jewelry

Jewelry can be an essential item in your wardrobe to not only elevate your looks, but also to help you build a unique aesthetic. When it comes to choosing a piece of jewelry that represents your style, fine jewelry might be exactly what you are looking for. These precious accessories can take your fashion game to the next level, as they harness your true beauty like no other item.

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In case you are looking for refined and outstanding designs to let your authentic self shine through, we’ve got you covered. Thinking of that, we’ve prepared this article on Roberto Coin, the ideal designer for an elegant and super fashionable piece to showcase your best side. Whether you’re all about modern or vintage accessories, here is some inspiration to help you find a piece of jewelry as unique as your personality. Let’s get started!

Why include Roberto Coin fine Jewelry in your collection

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Roberto Coin is an Italian fine jewelry designer that has conquered the world since 1996 with its unique vision. This brand is known for combining art and fashion with its astonishing pieces of jewelry. Therefore, Coin's accessories can easily be considered pieces of art, due to the creativity and a passion put into each piece of jewelry designed.

Since Roberto Coin comes from Venice, some Coin collections take inspiration from Italian architecture, especially the city of Vicenza, known as the City of Gold.  So, if you are looking for sophisticated, timeless jewelry that has not only a traditional aesthetic, but also a contemporary take, Roberto Coin is perfect for you.

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What’s there to love about Roberto Coin’s fine jewelry?

One of this iconic brand’s trademarks is the way Roberto Coin signs its exuberant pieces with a small ruby on them. Coin designs them in a way that the stone can touch the person’s skin while wearing the piece of jewelry. It is believed that rubies represent love between two people, as well the commitment for each. Besides that, these dark red precious stones have also been worn for protection and to attract wealth.

How to choose the ideal Roberto Coin piece for you

To help you explore the captivating world of Roberto Coin alluring accessories, we’ve listed some options to inspire you. So, check out some of Roberto Coin’s enthralling pieces to find one that speaks to you.

Roberto Coin Necklaces and Earrings

Necklaces can be one of the most exciting accessories to create looks. These astonishing pieces not only look glamorous and stylish, but can also take different approaches, such as a more romantic aesthetic. For an alluring but at the same subtle look, we suggest the Gold Oro Classic necklace, which is beautifully crafted in 18k yellow gold.In case you are looking for versatile and super chic accessories, Roberto Coin earrings are ideal for anyone going for sophistication. We recommend the Navarra diamond chain link hoop earrings, which comes in 18k yellow gold, for a striking and glamorous look.

Roberto Coin Necklace and Earrings
Roberto Coin Rings and Bracelets

Roberto Coin Rings and Bracelets

Coin’s bracelets are a great option for those who enjoy whimsical and bewitching pieces that exude refinement. For a more minimalist and captivating look, we suggest the Verona Narrow width bangle with diamond accent, which comes in 18k rose gold.Since rings are considered one of the most style-defining pieces to add to your collection, Roberto Coin has some dainty and gorgeous options to elevate your style. For a look that draws inspiration from the classic aesthetic but also the modern one, we recommend the Navarra link ring with diamonds, crafted in 18k yellow gold.

Where to get Roberto Coin stunning fine jewelry in the Bay Area, CA

Now that you know a little bit more about Roberto Coin’s captivating jewelry, you can start diving into the world of these marvelous works of art to find what is missing in your collection. It’s time to shop for your favorite designs! So, come to Shreve & Co. and explore our curated selection.

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Here, you can also find an incredibly stylish and elegant piece of jewelry to suit every taste and personal style. Whether you’re after a dainty pair of stud earrings, a timeless pearl necklace, a shimmering diamond bracelet, or a few stylish stackable rings, we’ve got you covered.

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