Spinel: A Classic Beauty

Spinel, the gem known as the world's greatest imposter as it deceived European royals for centuries being mistaken as a ruby. Carrying every bit of richness and and beauty as a ruby, spinel also offers a wide assortment of brilliant hues ranging from radiant pinks to beaming oranges, breathtaking blues, and more. As it may have previously been considered as a "poor man's ruby", this remarkable stone has come into its own with increasing demand in the fine jewelry world.

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Spinel is known for enthusiasm and optimism, making it the perfect gem to adorn in a season of new beginnings. This special stone is believed to improve self-esteem, compassion, love and forgiveness while cleansing anger, pain, and resentment, giving you every reason to start fresh this Spring.

Color is what spinel is all about. Spinel's impeccable coloring comes from mineral impurities found in the stone. Minerals such as chromium create the red, pink, and orange spinels we adore, while minerals such as manganese and cobalt create the blues, purples, violets, and grays hues. Without these mineral impurities, Spinel would be colorless, which almost never happens in nature.

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Blue gemstone ring with hand on flower

Spinel's stunning color is breathtaking, so much so that it rivals the ruby red at a much lower price point.

Pink gemstone rings

Spinel's chromium attributes create its remarkable red coloring, which is found in rubies and emeralds as well.  

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Distinguishing spinel from ruby became the birth of gemology.