The Magic of Mixed Metals

No longer are there the days to spend time worrying over whether your jewelry matches. The major comeback of vintage jewelry has inspired the mixed metal trend in modern jewelry allowing for playful designs and styling. A trend too good not to follow. The variety of colored metal tones including rose, yellow, and white gold can add an extra flare to your style anytime of the year. The mixed metals jewelry trend is rather easy to achieve and quite fun to style, so let's start experimenting!

Here are a few fun styling tips to embrace the magic of mixed metals.

Woman wearing bracelets

Knowing your metal shades is the first step to mixing and matching. Silver metals include white gold, sterling silver, platinum and more. Yellow metals include yellow gold and other gold alloys while pink metals include rose gold.

If you aren't confident in mixing your metals with multiple jewelry pieces, you can always consider investing in a singular piece that incorporates more than one metal.

Woman wearing rings

3 Tips for Mixing Metals

Woman wearing rings and bracelets

Stack Your Jewelry

Stacking jewelry is one of the easiest ways to mix metals. Pair different metals in a bangle stack, necklace stack, or our personal favorite, a ring stack.

Woman wearing rings

It's All About Balance

When wearing multiple pieces of jewelry, it is important to pay attention to the ratio you choose to wear. The easiest, foolproof ratio is 50/50 of each style and metal.

Woman wearing necklaces

Find a Tone and Stick with It

There are many different styles of jewelry and it is important to stick with one when mixing metals. If your tone is dainty, mix and match light and airy pieces for a complete look.