See, Feel, Discover - Meet a Wellendorff Goldsmith In-Person

See, Feel, Discover - Meet a Wellendorff Goldsmith In-Person

If there’s one jewelry outfit that always keeps everyone guessing, it’s Wellendorff. The mysteries of their ultra-unique jewelry will be revealed as we welcome a Wellendorff Goldsmith to our San Francisco store on November 2nd, and in Palo Alto November 3rd.

You can watch and learn the secrets of their spinning rings, the Wellendorff Rope, and how they set their diamonds like no other jewelry company.

Spinning Rings

This is a Wellendorff original. Four rings (sometimes more) are closely connected, yet move freely and independently of one another. It’s a mystery for anyone it’s shown to and a delight for the wearer. Each tiny turn reminds the owner to think of special moments and happy memories. Making this work is nothing short of mind boggling. The goldsmith is working in a space that can be as tiny as one hundredth of a millimeter. Now we all get to see how this is done!

The Wellendorff Rope

The Wellendorff Rope is a necklace made by hand with separate strands of gold. Each strand contains a solid 18-karat “soul” that both gives the necklace strength, and allows flexibility. Others have tried to copy it, but end up with a necklace that tangles itself, and your hair. Putting it together meticulously by hand keeps it sturdy and reliable, while also lying gently against your skin. Each Wellendorff Rope has a fastener that is both strong and easy to open. Even when pulled or tugged, this necklace isn’t going anywhere. How does the goldsmith work with such delicate and intricate detail? We’ll all learn how when he visits the store.

Wellendorff Gold Rope

Setting the Diamond Rings

Even when setting a diamond, Wellendorff does it their own way. As you’ve come to expect, each diamond is also set by hand. There’s a little gold pressed over the diamonds, which keeps each diamond securely in place. Doing it by hand means that it can be set perfectly so as little gold as possible overlaps the diamond. They shine like a searchlight while staying firmly in place. You’ll see the goldsmith use Wellendorff’s signature two prong setting, which makes it much easier to fit more diamonds on to the surface.

Wellendorff Diamond Ring

We hope you join us in San Francisco on November 2nd or in Palo Alto on the 3rd for this rare opportunity to watch a true master ply his craft.