Unique Proposal Ideas That Tell a Story

Unique Proposal Ideas That Tell a Story

You've seen epic proposals shared everywhere from Snapchat to YouTube. Now the bar has been set, and you want nothing more than to pull off the proposal of the decade.

You need a unique proposal idea that doesn't overdo it...but (if we're being honest here) you want it to be heard from coast-to-coast. Your partner will gasp, probably cry a lot, and most importantly...say YES!  

If all of that sounds like climbing a mountain, flying to the moon, and curing the common cold all rolled into one...take a deep breath. We have some great tips for you.

If there's one key to making a proposal unique, it's to make it personal. All the fanfare in the world can't top something that is made just for your partner. Making it personal will top just about any contrived fanfare. With that said, we have a list of unique proposal ideas that range from artsy to outdoorsy, and from simple to elaborate.

Scavenger Hunt Proposal

This is all about those places that have been meaningful to your relationship together. From first date to first kiss. From the inside jokes to the most poignant times. Send your partner (and two or three friends and family members) to visit the places. At each stop, there can be note cards or voice messages with further instructions. Maybe send her to a salon appointment, or have him go to a favorite clothing boutique to get a new outfit. Have the scavenger hunt end at a place with a romantic view for the background, with your friends and family taking pictures and cheering you on in your new life together.

Scavenger Hunt Proposal

Ski Lift Marriage Proposal

This one will require some advance-work and a little bit of food coloring. Write special phrases in the snow that are meaningful to you and your partner. They can be anything from simple to silly. Think about using important dates or special nicknames. The trick is to get to the top of the lift so your partner sees the final message: "Will you marry me?" One important reminder: Make sure the safety bar is secured when you propose!

Ski Lift Proposal

Create a Milestone Movie

It's easier now than ever to put together a special video. If you have a smartphone, you probably have everything you need right in your pocket. Couples have made movie trailer style proposals, Disney montages, or even a simple slideshow of special pictures. One of the best ideas we've seen recently is making a video of you in at places that are have been special in your relationship. It could be the park you laid in and talked for hours...the restaurant where you met her parents...or the pet store where you picked out your puppy. Tell your partner why these places have been so special and show it on a big screen in front of friends and family. It will be a moment you will cherish for years and a video that will last forever.

San Francisco Picnic

It's the city where you met and why not take your partner to rediscover your favorite places? Take a long walk in the city and make your way to Baker Beach (hint: Baker Beach may be the absolute perfect spot in the bay area for a proposal). Have a picnic ready to go and pop the question as the sun sets over the ocean. Be sure to have a photographer follow you incognito so you can document the whole day. At the very least, there should be lots of pictures of the magic moment!

Golden Gate Bridge Sunset

There are dozens of ways to put together a unique proposal. You can make it as lavish or as straight-forward as you like. But the more personal you can make it, the bigger the impact and the better the story.