Women In Jewelry: The Sloane Rangers

Women In Jewelry: The Sloane Rangers

Poems are written about mothers and sons. Songs are written about fathers and daughters. But, a story of a mother and daughter… well, this one requires a journey back to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when from out of the past – (you know the rest) …

You’re not likely to meet a tighter duo. We call them The Sloane Rangers. The rest of the world sees them as brilliantly talented women in jewelry.

Frances and Charlotte Sloane

Frances (that’s mom), always had an eye for art. Growing up on Sloane Street in London, she saw ornate architecture, tapestries from worlds away, and leading fashion. By 16, she was a model, hand selected by a top London agency. By 18, she was New York and soon to be continuing her career in Los Angeles.

Our story could easily end here and be inspiring enough. But, we’ve only begun.

Frances founded and ran an interior design company for 13 years. The next 12 would be creating Jude Frances Jewelry, hand designed from her creative inspirations. What she accomplished in a brief 25 years would be the envy of dreamers who hoped for twice as long.

Frances, a woman of unflappable determination, was not alone during this time. Watching, learning, and dreaming alongside her was daughter Charlotte. Growing up under this kind of constant inspiration uncorked in Charlotte her own desire to create beauty anew.

Like her mother before her, Charlotte studied in Europe. She found her own style, and like her mother, unstoppable.

For Frances, it quickly made sense to partner with her daughter. Charlotte’s fashion forward thinking, and Frances’ rich experience created a powerhouse team. It will likely come as no surprise, most jewelry is made for, and worn by, women. It is also no surprise to learn that the jewelry industry has been run mostly by men. It is further no surprise that the artful eye of our Sloane Rangers has changed that.

Jewelry Designs

Like most female run businesses, Frances and Charlotte bring more than savvy and creativity to the table. They have brought along a certain sensitivity. After losing family members to the ravages of Alzheimer’s Disease, the Gadbois women found more than artful inspiration for their work. The creative calling from within became a fierce mission to give back.

Sloane Street Jewelry is the result of that calling.

When a fire is lit in the belly, there’s no stopping what one can do. Sloane Street Jewelry is the manifestation of two women who love art, and love their family.

This combination has given us the Lemon Lavender Amethyst collection. Specially designed pieces in 18k gold in the Alzheimer’s Association’s national color. 100% of the proceeds from the Lemon Lavender Amethyst collection go directly to Alzheimer’s Orange County. An action that shows that even though these two travel the world, charity begins at home.

Gold and Amethyst Bracelet

Outside you see a jewelry store. Inside you find creations that you know did not come from a machine or a “formula.” But, look just a bit deeper. You find an unbreakable bond between mother and daughter. You find a family working as a team. You find two women who are guided by their heart and by their passions.

You find beauty, art, and an infectious desire to make all things just a bit better. See their collections in person at one of our Shreve & Co. locations or schedule a private viewing here.