Emerald, The Color That Goes With All Holidays
Emerald, The Color That Goes With All Holidays

Can you feel the holiday spirit in the air? At Shreve & Co. Jewelers, we're counting down the days to Christmas and we are cherishing a stone that always spreads a little holiday cheer. Without a doubt, the one color that will get you in the mood for the holidays is emerald. The emerald stone is fun, festive, and relaxing, making it one of our favorites!

Green gemstone and diamond ring

The oldest emeralds date back 2.97 billion years go from South Africa and Egypt. They may have not been a symbol of the holiday season then, but they were highly sought after from royals and even Cleopatra. Emerald's lush green color was believed to soothe eyes, cure diseases such as cholera and malaria, and more. It was also believed that the stone had powers to predict the future and reveal truth, making it a prized possession amongst many cultures and religions throughout the world. Today, emeralds signify new growth and are the birthstone for the month of May. They also signify twentieth and thirty-fifth wedding anniversaries, but their color will always spread a little Christmas cheer every holiday season!

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Emeralds are a favored gemstone by many people, making them a great Christmas gift this holiday season. Not only are emeralds highly valued, luxury gifts, they are also heartfelt gifts that are sure to be appreciated by a lucky someone to receive them. The best part of this gem is that it suits so many different styles. Emeralds are popular amongst modern jewelry, but they are widely popular in many estate and vintage styles, making them even more special. You can explore emeralds with us online or in-store to add the perfect gift under your Christmas tree.