Enter WellendorfF's World of Perfection

When Wellendorff's founder, Ernst Alexander Wellendorff, opened his own jewelry shop in Pforzheim in 1893, he had a vision to create perfect and magnificent jewelry. Soon enough, his dream came true, as he enchanted far more than the rich bourgeoisie and the European nobility. At some point, even the Russian Tsar and the British royal family were among his known customers.

Floral and diamond ring

Some background about the brand

Wellendorff is committed to absolute perfection. There is nothing that compares to it in terms of the pieces the designer creates. It plays with the most subtle features and details to bring to life pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind. All pieces are made with love, meant to enchant its wearer, hence why they make such great gifts.

Gold necklaces

For more than 127 years and over four generations of a family, the Wellendorff family has been creating exceptional precious jewelry from 18-karat gold in the Golden City of Pforzheim. The values of tradition and family are so inherent to the Wellendorff brand that the fourth generation of the family still highlights them with much pride in every piece and collection they launch.

Yellow gold bracelet

The commitment to keep evolving

To this day, the company’s philosophy bases itself on the founder's words: “Take only the best of everything, gold and diamonds, the best goldsmiths, the best tools and you will create the best jewelry for the most distinguished jewelry aficionados in the world.” These words are brought to life with every piece of jewelry made in the Wellendorff manufactory – both in the quality of the creations and with the attention to detail that goes into each piece.

Wellendorff's unparalleled pursuit of quality and excellence as a designer sets it apart from others. Furthermore, its willingness to dare to create amazingly new, unique pieces is unmatched. Wellendorff constantly invests in perfecting its technologies to craft jewelry that will bring joy for a lifetime - and that is always made in Pforzheim, Germany, to keep the family tradition alive.

But, since 2008, the company has also opened stores abroad, in Europe, North America, and Asia. There are very few jewelers entrusted with selling the brand. Shreve & Co. is proud to be one of them. To learn more about it, speak to our Welledorff's Ambassador, Roslyn McIntyre, by email.

Wellendorff's one-of-a-kind technology

For instance, its necklaces use a technique that molds gold to perfection, making Wellendorff well known as a leader in gold technology.

After 17 years of development, it was able to craft a minor technical miracle with the new EMBRACE ME bracelets: “Flexible gold,” twice as supple as standard gold. With the floating diamond, set in an amulet, Wellendorff has made every goldsmith’s dream come true.

A patented spinning solitaire ring ingeniously combines the movement of Wellendorff’s spinning rings with the sublime stillness of a solitaire.

White gold bangles with blue gemstones and diamonds

Some of Wellendorff’s unique secrets

Wellendorff's signature pieces make the brand easy to identify. Yet, in addition to these pieces, as a jewelry manufacturer, Wellendorff has many secret techniques and technical details that only belong to the designer and are practically its signature. To name a few, Wellendorf offers its customers:

Yellow gold and white gold bands

A personal message

The designer understands and wants its pieces of jewelry to be a gift like no other . Thus, it offers engraving the jewelry with a message from a special someone that will serve as a constant reminder of happiness to the one who receives the gift. Think of it as joy captured and imprinted forever in 18-karat gold. This engraving message is always on the inside of the piece and intended for just whoever wears it - and the one who gave it to them. Inspired by a century-old tradition, this technique is delivered by Wellendorff with perfection to these days - and guarantees a special present every time.

Gold and red embossed ring

The Diamond W

This is one of the most valuable trademarks not only of Welledndorff, but also in the world. It is the brand's unique signature. It basically means that every piece of jewelry created by Wellendorff is signed with a full-cut diamond, set in 18-karat gold, as a guarantee of being of the highest quality. The W represents the brand’s genuine values of exceptional precision in addition to an uncomparable tradition of genuine craftsmanship that is found in the city of Pforzheim, where its jewelry is manufactured. This memorable trademark was launched in 1970, soon becoming a staple piece of Wellendorff . It is also one of the most beautiful, distinctive ways for the people who get Wellendorff jewelry to identify it as a trusted brand. Thus, the so-called "Diamond W" is a trademark of quality that will last for generations throughout the entire world.

Gold and diamond rings

The Wellendorf spinning rings

The brand's rings are famous for being smooth, spinning rings that are extremely original. This is one of the brand's unique qualities. Why? Because every one of its rings consists of at least four individual, thin rings joined together that remain free to move on one's finger. The precision is so perfect that it allows up to five inner rings to spin independently of one another. And every spin, which is completely controlled by the ring's wearer, unleashes an array of different colors and light. That way, features change as they get to be observed in different angles and perspectives, literally bringing to light moments of happiness, and bringing their own ring to life. That's why this ring is also known as the world's most vibrant ring by connoisseurs.

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