What's On Trend? This Year It's Turquoise

What's On Trend? This Year It's Turquoise

Kings, shamans, and warriors alike have found turquoise to be both captivating and powerful. Turquoise is a gemstone that first appeared in 6000 BCE in amulets used to protect the likes of King Tut and Cleopatra. 8,000 years later, turquoise continues to be a sought stone for today’s fashions.

When you think of the color we call “turquoise” you imagine a specific blue-green combination. The gemstone however has many other traits that make it so intriguing. You’ll see browns and blacks swimming through the blue-green colors. The shades will range from deep to vibrant depending on the amount of iron found in the stone. Those striking designs you see are all thanks to iron deposits.

Turquoise and Gold Bracelet

Believed to be one of the first gemstones mined for jewelry, turquoise made its way to France via Turkey along the great Silk Road trade route. Turquoise in French simply means “Turkish,” a nod to the early source of the gemstone.

As turquoise made its way across Europe, it soon became a part of Royal jewels and crowns. But its rich history goes much further back, and has been found beyond Europe, Asia, and Africa. The turquoise crystal has been discovered in ceremonial masks and battle gear of the Aztecs. Incas and Mayas also used turquoise in ceremonial weaponry and for other ornamentation. Persian legend says that turquoise will bring good luck when it reflected the light of the Moon. And Native Americans used it as a powerful healing tool, believed to be a connection between heaven and Earth.

Turquoise continues to be a gem that people seek. It has a way to pop color from an outfit, bringing a brightness to even basic, everyday wardrobe. Its appeal hasn’t seemed to dim at all since the days of Cleopatra. Perhaps it’s because turquoise is still an emblem of friendship, believed to increase trust, kindness and understanding. It seems to take on the characteristics of each owner, making each a personal, one-of-a-kind jewel.

Today, many will still use turquoise just as it was used thousands of years ago. It’s a stone of protection and purification. It’s known to clear the mind and aid in creativity. It promotes an energetic flow that has the power to cleanse and strengthen energy centers, lift low moods, and relieve stress.

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